The Seventh Art and me.

As you may have solved out from the title, this is post is about my main passion. Literates call it the Seventh Art but for real people like you and me, it is film’s world. In this life I have not found anything more interesting for me than movies, or series.

I love to watch any kind of movie, and moreover, I like to watch them various times in order to watch them in very different ways, from the sound to the image, going through the personalities of the characters to the making of the dialogues. I just love everything about films!

Furthermore, I would never say no to watching a movie just from what people tell me because I think that every film deserves a try. However, I do not like much horror movies…

Some of my favourite films would be: “Gladiator”, “Doce monos” or “Reservoir dogs”.

On the series list, there would be: “House”, “Shameless” or “Rick and Morty”.

I hope that you have learned something new from me and I will be looking forward to make another post of my passions!


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