Maths and me

This post will be about my relationship with maths.

Since I was very young, I have always being attracted to the rational thinking and, specifically, maths. I have followed a path full of maths, since I was in Primary school, I was praised by both, family and teachers, for my mathematical skills. That was the moment I realised I wanted to dedicate myself to something related to mathematics in the future.

As soon as I got to Secondary school I chose the mathematical path in order to get into an engineering degree. Furthermore, I achieved it! I got into computer engineering on my first try. However, I crashed.

The first year doing computer engineering was a total disappointment for me, I realised I was not made for it.

This was the moment I realised my true goal, becoming a teacher.

Right now, I am studying to become a teacher so I will give all I have in order to achieve it!


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