Mathematical game!

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share with you a game I used to use during my internship with the children which actually worked very well for them to improve into their mathematical skills.

The game was very simple, here I will explain it step-by-step:

  1. We arrange the children into a row and set a limit time for the game in order to be impartial.
  2. Then, we start asking mathematical questions to them, one by one.
  3. If a child does not know the answer to a question we would ask it to the next in the line until someone has it correct.
  4. The children that were mistaken go, in their order, to the back of the row.
  5. We will continue playing until the time limit is reached.
  6. At the end, we can give them marks depending on their position of the row. (I normally started with a 10 for the first one of the row but I never went lower than a 5)

I hope you use this game with your children and I am waiting for your comments on it.

See you soon!


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