The ABN method

Hello guys, today I am here to tell you about the ABN method, a revolutionary mathematical method to teach children which is gaining more and more strength as the time passes.

The key of this method is its simplicity, children get it really quickly and are able to use it expertly in a few sessions.

The method is base on a manipulative way of learning. Children use toothpicks in order to represent numbers and to make operations with them. This way, we can present mathematics, which has been always seen as boring, as a game in which children are the main characters.

The method is simple, you just need toothpicks grouped into different ways: 1 toothpick represents an unit, 10 toothpicks attached together represent a ten, 10 groups of 10 toothpicks attached all together represent a cent, etc.

Using this method is a very innovative way of teaching mathematics and letting children experiment with them is a nice way to make them confortable with the method.


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